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best virtual assistant for online business - content creation - social media management - lead generation - appointment settings - admin skills

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Farah Benito Quantum Virtual Assistant My Quantum VA Farah is a great support with a great work ethic and communication skills. I have been delighted with her efforts and impressed with everything she has done. David Marshall in the U.K. Business & Podcast Coach

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Jhey Ruth Quantum Virtual Assistant My Quantum VA Jhey has been amazing at growing my LinkedIn and Insta profiles. She’s diligent and always looking to improve and the bookings she made last week resulted in two new clients. Danielle Robertson in Australia Sales Coach

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Ar-ar Angana Ajoc Quantum Virtual Assistant My Quantum VA Ar-Ar keeps track of my whole business life so that I can focus on what I like doing. It’s the most valuable thing she could ever do for me! I love how details oriented and creative she is❤️ I also love her sunny, happy disposition, how […]

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Danica Joy Givero-Lontoc Quantum Virtual Assistant Danica my Quantum VA is unbelievable. She has changed the vibe in our team with her involvement, ideas, initiatives, and driving team communications. Danica feels like my business partner, not my VA. Brett Gorman in Australia Online Fitness & Nutrition Business Owner

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Rheanne Repuyan Quantum Virtual Assistant I love that Quantum VA Quantum Rheanne is building my network for me behind the scenes, it’s a huge load off my shoulders too. She is punctual, professional knows what she’s doing, I love having her on my team! Renelle McPherson in Australia Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Mentor